Holistic medicine is a belief that the physical and mental aspects of overall health are closely related.  Holistic health has been around for ages and is usually associated with the topic of alternative medicine (another means of treating an illness or disease).  I have talked with some medical persons in practice who believe that maintaining good health while being HIV+ (HIV positive) is more than just taking medication as directed.  It incorporates taking care of different parts of our physical body, and it includes the mental and spiritual as well.
Holistic medicine is full well-being, not merely the absence of disease or physical pain.  It is the primary coping resources in all aspects of recovery from life threatening illness.  In my time on this earth, the task has proved to be keeping disciplined through a lot of life's shortcomings, the stress and depression.  I incorporated many indulgences as coping mechanisms that progressed and compounded, until it all got rolling like a train with not breaks.  At that point I was so indulgent and disconnected that I thought I could regain control.  Within our mental sphere, just like a drawer, we must clean out all the junk.  A good example of mental baggage is an onion.  The outer skin is not usable, so we begin to peel away the outer skin (layer after layer) until we come to what is usable.
Often as we begin to cut into that onion, the juices trigger our tears, like with our emotions.  The body sets out to cleanse the eyes, to remove the irritation.  I have come to believe in the importance of understanding the relationship with our self.  It's very hard to keep my dimensions of well-being in alignment, strong and charged, as if they are powered with current.  I have come to focus on my mental, spiritual, and physical well-being, now that I am older.
In April 2003, I was diagnosed with HIV on my birthday.  The news hurt in so many ways: mental, then spiritual, and more, in stages.  Sort of numbing to whatever anyone else was going through or could go through.  I thought my situation was the worst.  We all know about the stigma, the feelings of rejection,  the fears that come with a change in life.  What began to go on in my  mental and spiritual areas was as if they began to fall out of alignment.  I now think of my life being HIV+ as a journey, to  discover things of importance to me, and my place among them.

Spirituality is practiced in many ways, its purpose to add meaning to our lives.  Spirituality provides and opportunity to disconnect from circumstances.  Spirituality allowed me to observe my life with clarity and integrity.  Spirituality and well-being show our positive aspects in a state of working order, filing in alignment with one another, each charging the next: >Mental>Spiritual>Physical>Relationship>Environment>
How can the effects of well-being possibly heal our ailments?  The impact is greatly determined by each individual's spiritual power.  In a therapeutic group setting, it can be transferred.  So one may realize that even though they have issues, stresses, and challenges, they do not define us as individuals.  Each individual person's spirituality is greatly impacted by the community they are a part of.  Spiritual well-being is not a practice of isolation, but rather of involving the people around you, as a new perspective is formed.  I have found that spiritual well-being groups provided a safe environment to explore, learn, practice, support, and heal.  This safe haven provided me a pathway to greater Peace, freedom of self-expression, and higher self-expression, and higher self-esteem.  My spiritual journey has made a big impact on my issues of depression, social relationships, and PTSD(post-traumatic stress disorder).  So inside my physical body, I now know how the dimensions of well-being are all connected.  >Mental>Spiritual>Physical>Relationship>Environment. 

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Posted on 09:06PM on Mar 30th, 2011
This is good, Cliff, and the part about the onion is awesome!
Posted on 09:40PM on Mar 30th, 2011
Well there is more but I was on the Phone got my Photo shoot tomarrow happy was feeling like I wanted to share its not finished now I'm tired.

Have a good night
Hope the little one is feeling better.
Posted on 11:22AM on Jan 5th, 2013
Great post! Our mental/spiritual well-being/health directly affects our physical health/well-being. It is important to recognize that. It is why laughter and cuddling and making love can have such a positive impact physically! Our brains are amazing!!
Posted on 01:34PM on Jan 5th, 2013
This is a published article written for Prison Health New a news letter that is circulated throughout the prisons of the United States. I am glad you like it did not get a response from inmates as I know it. but glad you enjoyed it. :)
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