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Philadelphia School District superintendent William R. Hite Jr. will close 37 schools in Philadelphia?
This is a staggering number of students 17,000, the amount of staffers 2,000 and closure of maybe 37 buildings for an estimated savings of 28million.
We are the concerned citizens of Philadelphia we know that the numbers show a way to work out the problem on paper.  Real education is not math or science, their are under lying issues, which some are foreseen others will arise.
We here in Philadelphia, have though we thought were walking away from, over-crowding when charter schools were implemented.  What the closure of schools will produce is a warhouse affect much like if you invision in history a slaveship, with children being stacked and shiped to other neighborhoods, to face what ever dangers lay and wait for them in other area's of the city.  We understand that when our government officials Legislative assembly  pushed for charter schools, they should have known or through critical thinking forseen that this would push Public schools out of the vision.  This is a prime example of our governing officials we vote into office, in turn sticking us up for a vote and kicking us in the behind. 
To all the preson's involved I demand that your figure out another solution quickly or the Governer the Philadelphia Mayor, the Philadelphia school Superintendent and his entourage follow each other out of the city of brotherly love.
The failure of our school district, looks at philadelphia schools have never place well compared with other schools around the country.
We must begin by asking questions:Why do schools with stronger programs use less money.
We have just heard that condoms will be distributed in the public schools, this idea was on the table for an estimated 10 plus years.  Does it really take that long to address a problem here in Philadelphia, is it because of the numbers among the youth for HIV/AIDS and STI's.  Because Philadelphia, and the state of Pennsylvania both hold the ranking as number 7 in reported AIDS cases.
We can't blame the children but, we should hold every political figure accountable, for the education of our children> about a failed school system, neglected and abused mentally because the kids I met like their teachers and their school.
I really think that the school District should reconsider the effects that the move would have on the child.
The city is building a ice skating rink that will change the outlook on the westside of Philadelphia city hall, You know your priorities need to be re-arranged when you place the profit over the education of the kids, well-being and our future.
Understand that Arlene Ackerman took the district under, the administration before that took the district, I say stop hiring these HACKS from out of town who's only interest is being in charge because of the money.
I sure hope ego does not get in the way because someone has been and done something in another state and school.  Judge each project as it is not some textbook theory of what should be done, these are human lives.
I remember being in school as a youth, the teachers went on strike, they picketed for months, in the end the kids had to make that lost time up.  I never looked at school in the same way since, I dropped out in 9th grade.  Give these kids a fare chance at education, if not close down, and parents look into other options because if someone does not want to service me, chances are the service will not be class A.  I think the whole city Government needs an overhaul, because of this Look at the mismanagement Philadelphia.  come out speakout because even if you don't have children their is a direct affect and indirect, when youth have no where to go,interest in the wrong area's it leave the opportunity to be influenced by the wrong people.  Is that why in Penn -cell- vania they have been constructing Prisons, because business is now open?

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