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Direct action-that is any kind of action that bypassed or directly exposes  Mis-interest, over steps the established political channels to accomplish objectives directly.

There are some who say that direct action is not,an act of terrorism.
Direct action is political expression,but not criminal activity unfortunately , whether or not an action is illegal is a poor measure of whether  or not it is just.
The Jim Crow laws were, after all laws: 
Jim Crow laws were basically everyday laws people lived by.  It was racial segregation towards any people of color.  They separated blacks and whites in schools, buses, bathrooms and work>etc.
The object to an action on the grounds that it is illegal, it sidesteps the more important question of whether or not it is ethical.
To argue that we must always obey laws even when we consider them to be ethical or to enforce unethical conditions, is to suggest the arbitrary pronouncements of the legal establishment.
As a great many feel direct action is unnecessary where people have freedom of speech rights.
In society dominated by and increasingly, narrowly focused corporate media, it can be almost impossible to initiate a public dialogue on a subject unless something occurs that brings attention to it.
Under such conditions direct action can be a means of nurturing free speech, not squelching it.
Likewise, when people who would otherwise oppose and injustice have accepted that it is inevitable, it is not enough simply to talk about it, one must demonstrate that it is possible to do something about it.
One of the biggest myths about direct action is that those who participate are cowardly.
This accusation is almost always made by  those who have the privilege of speaking and acting in public without fearing repercussions: that is to say, those who have power in this society, and those who obediently accept their power.
Should actions like the Boston Tea Party,the French Resistance, The Poor people's campaign and the direct actions of AIDS activist up against those powers, we would not know that things could change?  That is the power of Direct Action.
We would not have a great many benefits without those pioneers,who with sacrifice and service have shown how to force the hands of the said to be critical thinkers in our government.
Direct action is dangerous and can have a negative repercussions for others, direct action can be dangerous in a repressive political climate, and it is important that those who practice it make every effort not to endanger others.
When we in AIDS activism put on an action, it is never in our intentions to incite a riot, injure, or destroy property, through our chants,theater, the amount of protesters, in itself should make a statement of disapproval, I always say when large amounts of people assemble peacefully, something is definitely wrong.
Something is wrong when we see a world in protest, something is wrong when two political parties can't come to the table in area's of our Health and welfare, they are voted into their seats as critical thinkers with our best interest in mind, not for being selfish pushing their own agenda.

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Posted on 11:32PM on Jan 17th, 2013
Great Post!
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