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Todays's America has been headed into poverty since 9/11 or after.
The old way of starting a war, to get the economy going does'nt work because America does not make anything in the United States.
Our government officials don't want to listen, they stand divided on how to rebuild this country while faced with a myraid of epidemics and issues.
I stand to loose my housing coming from homelessness (shelters, cafe's and living on the streets in parks)
My name is cliff I am HIV+, widower with PTSD, Depression, Prostate problems>Neuropathy, Irritable bowel syndrone> nerve damage to a perineal nerve in my leg and foot, I have limited movement in my foot and toes. 
High blood pressure a history of Hymroids and blood clots.
In 2007 I caught scarlet fever in the Philadelphia shelter system from another resident> in that episode dealing with the shelters mis-management or non-management of the issues of a person stricken with HIV.    I stayed in the hospital a little under a month.  In 2008- while living in the shelter, my wife in one, myself in another still fight for ssi &ssd trying to advocate and care for my wife Gwen who has now since passed from lung cancer HIV/AIDS and AIDS related illness in Feb-2009.

I live in the state of Pennsylvania, a state that has cut off General assistance cash benifits, even during my being in appeal for disability ssi & ssd benifits at the stroke of a pen Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has attempted my murder by the cutting off of the safety net access to programs that supported me.

The General assistance cash provided money for electricity and such utilities, personal items shoes> socks> pants shirts> under wear> soap> deodorent and any other things that you can't buy with food stamps.
They are preparing a new day slave industry in> PENN-CELL-VANIA
The Prison industrial complex
The Prison industry wich recieves possible funding from corporations like Wells Fargo, and Comcast cable there maybe others.
These are like those corporate giants that the American people have bailed out we are ushering in a new kind of economy horse or vehicle which will provide housing and work, while the destruction of the family unit begins.
It will produce and angry population more death and disease.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a city and a state wich both hold the number 7 slot in the top ten for reported AIDS cases so when we look at the present states of a problem realize the area's of causation lie because our governments don't work together for the benifit of its people.
Pennsylvania, by cutting general assistance cash has activated a time bomb of sorts which will exsplode several times-until a state and its people are destroyed.
Federal government needs to antisipate the chaos that Homeland security should foresee.
Speaking on Pennsylvania, Philadelphia these area governments need to see crimes going up infections rates on HIV/AIDS and STI's violent crimes such as robery's, home invasions are on the rise because of the cuts to cash assistance,creating and environment of desporation.
Often life has to remain in a careful balance>you have just upset that balance.
Housing is Prevention Health Care and Supports Well-being
In order to repair American we must talk america,because Silence=Death.
We must be unafraid to open a dialogue in our homes, schools,churches and social groups on Issues of HIV/AIDS and STI's.  

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