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The tragic 31 year arc of the HIV/AIDS virus,which left an estimated 30 million people dead,another number of persons equal to that struggling to live.  Either actively being treated for the virus with ARV's or unknowing of their  positive status.  A vast number of orphans left to negotiate life on life's terms.

How can we end HIV/AIDS if we as a world community can't step out of the dark shadows of the myths and misinformation that same shadow of silence allows stigma to lay cool, staying out of the light of truth, on what it will truly take to END HIV/AIDS.
It has been said that even still in the progress of 31 years.  I would still say we are out  paced by upwards of some 7,000 new infections per day, stepping forward out to peep into the world with it's ugly face connective illnesses that surround HIV.

Despite past achievements we have to admit that world wide prevalence rates,rates of new infections are unacceptable because both the visible barriers and invisible barriers to access preventive programs funding streams, testing and counselling.
Instead we witness how our governments belly ache over the cost to maintain lives vs finding a cure.
The advances we have are all at the expense of lives lost, before we have learned what we now know about HIV/AIDS.
One of the most painful truths that was taught to me by the death of my wife Gwendolyn Jones-Williams on Feb 25, 2009. 
(In order for us to live some of us must die) 
when I visited her for the very last time, kissed her for the last time.
The spiritual feeling or message given in letting go still stands as a painful lesson in helplessness because at the power of my touch, I had none.  I could not reverse any of the sickness of her illness.
There sitting by the window in her room, I began to pray to King Jesus for my wife to stay with me.
It was a selfish prayer to ask of the lord to keep my wife alive though she was in pain,her condition was now she could only lay in the bed unable to speak to me as only a week before we were able to have conversation.
I turned the lights down low,putting on the gospel music.  A Hymn  play its message to me,the song was: (It Is Well With My Soul.)  There were to figures or shadows standing in the corners of the room.  I continued to  pray.  Now all this now is hynsight of the final moments with my wife gwen I sat praying how everything was going to  workout.
It had gotten late so I was getting ready to leave her for the night, my thoughts that I would come by an see her tomarrow, as I walked down the street beside the hospice something told me to turn around looking upwards into the sky, a shiver as if something had just passed through my body.
So in order to get to zero it will take the impaired to educate the unimpaired community>this promotes testing.


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