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I would like to hear some views on the National HIV/AIDS strategy, do persons with the virus feel it will be good or bad for person's with the virus?

I have attended a town hall meeting in Philadelphia, I see the focus so trained on HIV/AIDS testing and counciling, but not attention on Peer education, I do Peer education, I do a presentation called with or without a condom, speaking in terms of STI's (sexually transmitted infections)  Such as Herpes, Syphilis, and HPV(Human Papuloma Virus)
There is a strong possibility that if a person is co-infected with an STI, HIV can be transmitted via anyone of these STI's.  So lets not just put HIV and AIDS in the cross-hairs include STI's.  I would like to see housing added as part of the prevention strategy.

Homelessness: An estimated 250,000 to upwards 3 million Americans are homeless.
There also has been increasing recognition that the threat of HIV infection is disproportionately  high among homeless adults and adolescents and that the homeless poplulation is extremely vulnerable to HIV infection.  (as confirmed by recent HIV studies)> Torres,Mani Altholz, Brickner (1990)
Inner-city neighborhoods, which have high rates of drug use and greater prevalence of sexually transmitted infections(STI's.)  Where HIV infections is becoming more common.

Homeless people are likely to have unstable and transient social and sexual relationships.
There have been more noted, patterns of "survival sex" having sex in exchange for money,drugs or a place to stay.  (common among chronically homeless adolescents and adults)>Rotheram- Borus & Kooperman,1991.
We must exspand our thoughts to accept and understand the many risk patterns because different risk patterns are likely to call for different HIV prevention approaches.

Psychological factors- are predictive of HIV risk behaviors in other AIDS-valnerable populations, including gay men,IDU abusers and also partners who engage in outside sexual activities or unprotected sex for drugs.
The longer a person is homeles, the more likely he or she is to experience poor health and be placed at a higher risk catagory for STI's or premature death respectivly speaking about people with a compromised immune system.
This reason interventions early in one's situation of homelessness is a very important strategy.
In closing I will add this, true compassion is more than flinging a coin to a person in need.  it comes to see that an edifice which produces people who need, must be restructured.  

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