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Global Pandemic HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS has been one of our worlds most greatest moral challenges from epidemic to pandemic.  Since the first cases were reported in 1981 and up until today 32years later we are still in limbo on a great many moral issues, on the heels of finding a cure.  Though in other parts of the world there is said to have found a cure.  I have met and spent time with the first man cured of the HIV/AIDS virus Mr. Timothy R. Brown.  I had many questions for him because I myself am stricken with the virus HIV.  Tim Brown has been cleared of the disease that an estimated somewhere around 34million people are infected with to date another 30 million have died of AIDS related illnesses. 
There have been reported cases of persons infected in every region of the world, through every age group and preference.  Mostly in low income class poverty strickended imcome class populations. 
With looks being no indicator of whether a person is impaired or unimpaired.
HIV/AIDS so we have learned through the 32years and the many lives lost in order for a great many like myself to live.
The disease mainly infects folks in there most productive years, HIV not only attacks an individuals human health but it also touches every dimension of human well-being impacting house holds and communities.  Many of the hardest hit countries have suffered and economic disruption because its population has been badly hit.
Learning you are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus can cause many feelings to unearth not everyone reacts the same way.  You may also have different feelings at different times,simular to greiving so I felt because in my case shortly after finding out I was HIV+ on my birthday, I then a little later lost my wife to lung cancer and AIDS related illness.  I will say I had feelings of Anger, Denial, Uncertainty along with feelings of guilt worthlessness and depression>shame.  So I was blessed around that time for finding a program that educated me about  a virus I now live with.  I found a power in being around people infected like myself,those people are my support network and family when others kicked me to the curb for fear they would become infected.
I have researched a great many infectous diseases mostly those with a zoonotic origin.  The research I had done on HIV/AIDS led me in many directions because there is a lot of myth and misinformation that surrounds HIV and AIDS.  The research and even the classes I took led me to Africa and Monkeys to human transference, I do question that theory but my education tells me this is the origin? 
Corporate reaction to the AIDS epidemic: Profitting from death the AIDS epidemic has brought billions of dollars in profits to the worlds Pharmaceutical companies.  The newest combination drug therapies can cost up to $20,000. U.S. dollars per person per year.
There have been strong calls from activist and consumers for companies to cut these prices along with worldwide condemnation of drug giants Glaxo-unwelcomed for raising the price of its market leader AZT as well as holding back access to new drugs.  This was part of the reason why I became and AIDS activist with Act Up Philadelphia (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power)
My thoughts are until peoples needs are put before corporate profits there will be one AIDS epidemic for the rich and another for the poor.


Stigma that surrounds HIV comes from mostly a fear, a lack of information and believing misinformation  and myth.
Stigma can be felt both inward and outward.
The inward stigma felt by a person infected with the virus can do great harm it can keep a person in isolation from seeking care, council and it can lower self esteem.  Stigma can keep a person from getting tested, when all along they are infected  passing the virus.  You see cause you can not tell if a person is infected just by looking at them.
Stigma keeps us afraid from opening a dialogue in our homes, schools,churches, and social groups on issues connective to HIV/AIDS and STI's.  When those STI's widen our risk of contraction and infection.  (that's the power of misinformation)  Outward stigma does much of the same but from a different angle again through misinformation the stigma that said that HIV/AIDS was a gay white disease here is where great damage was done if we look at the direction of this epidemic myself and my African American community believing someone's assertion I thought I would not become infected since I was not gay, well that misinformation did what it was supposed to do, infect.

HIV uses genetic materials from the body's own cd4-cells also called T cells to replicate itself and create more HIV.
(Do you see the connection?)
When HIV uses the genetic material from the cd4 cell, it damages the cell and keeps it from being able to do what it's supposed to in the immune system. (protect)
Outward stigma made by misinformation is in our government and people that pass laws that give a person life in prison for an infected person spitting on someone,when this disease can not be transferred in this way.
HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood, semen, pre-cum,vaginal fluid and breast milk.
HIV has a very short life span in open air, so the risk of infection is very close to Not gonna happen.
But stigma pads the laws made by misinformation.  Stigma is given life support only because people won't research themselves, for themselves to end myth and misinformation that give life support to stigma allowing it  to stay alive.  Education for the impaired and the unimpaired is the only way to counter act the damage done.
Instead myth keeps on living long after very intelligent pioneers in AIDS activism fought for the right to life of human beings, not because they were gay, they just had the balls because heterosexuals like myself did not want anyone to know they were HIV+.  Stigma will continue to live comfortable inside the shadows of myth and misinformation, newly infected individuals stuck in the shadows right next to stigma afraid to stand up and step out into the light of truth.
You see the real rap about stigma is that HIV/AIDS is the only disease that comes with shame, I am cliffwms44 and I have no shame, because weather I made some bad choices or became infected through drug use or medical mishap.  I am not ashamed for having unprotected intercourse the good lord equipt me/humans with what we have to be able to have intercourse.  So from this I hope that the power of sharing can knock stigma down one more notch, because King Jesus is working the controls,he and the education I have in HIV are my balm in Gilead.

The what about men and women HIV/AIDS and STI's.

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To the many lives lost in order for us to live,to the many years of myth and misinformation no one ever really died of AIDS.  HIV/AIDS  a disease that touches every dimension of well-being, HIV the disease that changed the world going from epidemic to pandemic.  Has crossed the desk of five Presidents and administrations, stigma still lives inside the shadows of myth and misinformation for 32 years to date this month.  The fear of the unknown,drum majored by the adversary who's best weapons, relies upon our doubts and lack of knowledge,  that keeps us divided between classism, racism sexism, gender and the freedom of choice.  You tag team HIV/AIDS with anyother illness Psychiatric, cardiovascular, liver disease kidney disease or cancer etc.  The depression alone kills, depression comes with every illness,so we keep our prayers to King Jesus on speed dial.  One of the most amazing powers comes from people just like yourself, so strength giving and thereputic are those words coming from someone who has been where you are in that instant.  I give thanks to God almighty for sending others to me in times of need,throughout the most trying times, that tested my every cell and atom  just to keep me sane.  The real killer is a broken heart.


Is There Balm In Gilead

Is there no Balm in Gilead
Is there no Physician there
Why then is there no healing for the wounds of my people.

                                                                       Jeremiah 8:22

This verse speaks to me,this verse paints a picture of clarity to my life and situations along the journey in my life.
It speaks volumes to the epidemic turned pandemic in HIV/AIDS and STI's.

My name is cliffwms44 and I am HIV+, I found out my positive status in 2003 on my birthday, Doctors believe I became infected from my wife, who has now since passed from lung cancer, HIV and AIDS related illness.
I was tested for the virus by a gentleman, who knew my wife, knew she was HIV+ and had also attended my wedding.
Now let me take you back to the day of the wedding or around about the time of the wedding.
My wife and I made these plans to marry and we were going to see them through, no matter what.  :)
During the time her and I worked at a shelter, and I worked at a safe deposit box company.
On the day of the wedding my wife was sheduled to work though, she had asked for the day off, she was told No!  She must be there, there was an unauthorized switch made by my wife and another worker, so that my wife could have that day off to marry me.
On the day of the wedding it had rained, that week, Philadelphia was hit by a large rain storm.
It rained so much and hard the day of the wedding people would call asking me are you two still getting married outside in the park today?  I told them yes we are.  :)
Why I became so open and forward that in another phone call I told this person after they asked "Is the wedding still on"?  I responded it sure is, I use to cop my drugs in the the rain, why can't I put that same drive into getting married, keeping my vows and being in love.  And just like that we were married in the rain, after saying I do to one another, the rain stopped the sun shined, and a rainbow appeared, right above us was a strange cloud formation, sort of like a hay-low of an angle.
There were so many little things that were happening or that had went wrong.
To begin with while we were saying I do,  the woman that had taken over for my wife so that we could be wed was being murdered, by another employee?
(In order for us to live some of us must die)

Picture Gilead as a place in our state of existence where people were greatly troubled in every dimension of well-being Mentally> Physically>Spiritually>Relationship and Environmentally.
The word balm is defined as a salve, a lotion or oil that soothes and heals.
Balm can be Psychological therapy dealing with the mind set, of the human individual.

Like the Prophet Jeremiah, in essence, was saying there seems to be nothing that was tried that was addressing the healing of the people.
In today's society humanity as a whole has been wounded for many generations and those wounds though they appear to have  healed, have not gone away.  You take diseases and illness or even a broken heart  they often leave some kind of scar or lasting effect.
Most everyone is aware that receiving the wrong blood can result in death and or becoming violently ill.  Yet the right blood going into our veins can save our lives.  The wrong blood would most likely kill you.
So education on an issue or illness was empowering for me, because in finding out my status, I now had knowledge on how to keep on living, I could advocate and ask questions.  That information about HIV was like a Balm it soothed but the real power came from others like myself who also educated me through their experience strength and hope, this was a gift that was freely given.  It was the Balm in Gilead of sorts for me.
The Balm is the cure all that keeps the world from dying,  I now have become and AIDS activist and educator in HIV/AIDS because it not just the person impaired that needs healing, the unimpaired needs healing also.
Our world needs to dispel myth and misinformation that surrounds HIV/AIDS and STI's so that stigma can die.
Empathy is a part of everyone's character we all poses it but so very few of us use it.
Now here is something that made me know that there is Balm in Gilead, I have taken a medication that keeps the virus in check, well it has for me, it's made by a company called Gilead, you know King Jesus is working the controls when even when you suffer from a disease that people don't understand, he instills the ability to speak to people, meet them where they''re at and folks understand and begin to get tested and adjust their behavior.
As an African American and a person stricken with a disease that does not go away on it's own, one that has aided in taking my wife,  But what it did for me was give me the ability to step out of my life and look at my life, then step back into my life and live my life, despite all the trouble and loss.  I found my gift in talking to youth, I kind of get a kick out of it because, I think they understand a little bit clearer, I can tell by the post conversation after I do a presentation.  Many-time I just laugh to myself because of some of the questions they ask, I encourage them to do some research for themselves because, in today's world the rules of engagement have changed somewhat.  Condoms are not 100% that we really need to include HIV and STI's into the cross-hairs, that intercourse is a not a pleasure it is a responsibility and a two person decision.  Their are female condoms and male condoms.  Oh  and in meeting someone unless they were born yesterday always assume that a person could have HIV/AIDS or an STI. 
Be unafraid to open a dialogue in our homes schools Churches and social groups on issues that surround HIV/AIDS and STI.
for the older folks a condom is not a wedding band nor will it keep you safe, because the average person is not going to raise their hand to tell you that, Hey I have HIV or herpes, syphilis or HPV.
So please make better choice and safer options.

Experience of the African to American Orphan

Africans were kidnapped from a beloved homeland,were stripped of any culture,made to speak a language unknown to them.  They were expected to instantly homogenize into American society.  Because slavery has left such and indelible impression on generations to come due to the severity of centuries of deprivation and oppression,future generations have lost their way.
No other race of people in the modern world, has been subjected to such horrendous and impossible circumstances,for such a long period of time.  Then they were finally set free,  some may argue that America is great because they corrected the problem of slavery.  I ask this question, was the end of slavery the result of changes in morality?

Lydia Marie Child:Influential author and abolitionist, she believed that the freeing of slaves was the moral obligation of America.  Advocates of freeing slaves maintained a well thought out plan.
Ms.child would write:To have the stimulus of  wages applied instead of the stimulus of the whip.
The relationship of master and laborer might still continue,but under circumstances less irksome and degrading to both parties.  Even the much abused animal the Jackass can be made to travel more expeditiously by suspending a bunch of turnips, on a pole and keeping them before his nose, than he can by the continual application of the whip.

What does this mean?  Ms. Child is basically saying that the slave master can still maintain complete control over the slave by changing labels and tactics.
Call the slave a "laborer", and instead of beating him into submission,trick him into submission.
Just as turnips on a pole are used to keep the jackass traveling full speed ahead, you can offer the so called "laborer" small wages and larger hopes while never quite fulfilling these hopes.
All the while the laborer is working hard, full speed ahead with eyes on the turnips.
So what are the turnips in relationship too you?

                                                                              Money, Cars, Jewelry
There is a two-fold advantage in America allowing Orphans to prosper in rapping,acting and playing sports.
The first advantage is the profit margin,anytime you see an orphan tripping over his own feet in a movies or television show making people laugh someone behind the camera is making one hundred times more money than he or she is.
Anytime you see a basketball player doing commercials for Berger's and sneakers,someone behind the scenes is making one hundred times more money than he is.
Anytime you see a rapper making videos and selling millions of CD's someone behind the scenes is making one hundred times more money than he is.
It is the same "Jackass," chasing turnips Philosophy that Lydia child proposed many many years ago.
The second advantage is that as long as Orphans are distracted with looking good and chasing fame and focusing on rapping better, shooting hoops better and remembering their lines, and as long as the masses are enveloped with watching them, Orphans will never be a threat to their power structure.
We can't just talk about unity we have to be about unity but if you think that the plan is about race your so very very wrong.  Try income class that is the Orphan of today, no silver spoon, no trust fund so what is your net worth?
Join the labor force as if it were the Army.  There is so much more so keep your eyes and ears open because that prison that's being built is the next  form of housing.

How can you take a stand and apply Dr. Kings Philosophy to promote non-violence with your community

By cliffwms44:

The dream Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had was it visionary.  Although portions hold the formula for world peace.
The philosophy of  the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a strategy of non-violent resistance but, the true philosophy of non-violence was possibly given birth through Jesus's teachings.
Though rooted in religion and common sense.  To succeed non-violent protest required not just the support of the majority of the black poplulation but, some of the white populations active role was crucial as well as participation of all races.
Dr. King's non-violent protest required religious leaders and more often than not adopted many of their values.
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. captured the attention of the nation with his philosophy and commitment to the method of non-violent resistance.  According to Dr. King this was the only solution to end social ills that could cure evil and create a just society.

King believed that there were six important points about non-violent resistance. 
First, he argued that even though nonviolence may be perceived by some as cowardly, it was not, though at various times he fought with the Philosophy on whether  "turn the other cheek" and "love your enemies" could be applied to conflict between only individuals and not racial groups or nations.  To Dr. Kings movement he would induce the thought process that  a non-violent protester was as passionate as a violent protester.  Despite not being Physically aggressive "his mind and emotions are always active",constantly seeking to persuade the opponent that he is mistaken.

Second, the point in the theory of non-violent resistance is not to humiliate the opponent.

Third, King points out that the battle was against the forces of evil and not individuals.  Though there was tension between the races.  Dr. King makes a clear note that the battle was also between justice and injustice.


Fourth, was his philosophy that effective protest demanded a willingness to suffer,as he urged how protesters must except violence, without retaliating for retaliatory violence would distract from the fight.

King's fifth point was that the universe was on the side of justice martin often spoke of how people have "cosmic companionship" with GOD who is on the side of truth.  The activist who has faith as a shield, that justice will occur in the future.


This is the sixth point and the nucleus of non-violent resistance, king would stress to resisters delete from their minds thoughts of bitterness and hate and replace those thoughts with love.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about a special type of love.  The type of love he spoke of was agape love, not an affectionate love a kind of love which meant understanding.  King would explain that this love is not romantic or reciprocal.  Dr. King would go on and say that agape love,  "Its an overflowing love" which is purely spontaneous, groundless and, creative.  It is the love of GOD operating in the human heart.  That this kind of love was not for ones own good but, for the good of another.

                                                                                 AGAPE LOVE 

Today it is still a central part needed to promote non-violence agape love is the focal part which can preserve and create community.
Agape love is a willingness to forgive in spite of our differences.
Agape love puts and end to hateful responses that promote a broken community.
Agape love sees no color or gender.
Agape love means that every aspect of life is interrelated.
All men are brothers and, by harming another, it is to harm ones self.

The philosophy Martin left to this world is love, oh so powerful, which was essential to non-violent resolution, could be the most effective weapon as are wars are moore spiritual, than man against man.


Philadelphia school District, is Warehousing young minds.

Philadelphia School District superintendent William R. Hite Jr. will close 37 schools in Philadelphia?
This is a staggering number of students 17,000, the amount of staffers 2,000 and closure of maybe 37 buildings for an estimated savings of 28million.
We are the concerned citizens of Philadelphia we know that the numbers show a way to work out the problem on paper.  Real education is not math or science, their are under lying issues, which some are foreseen others will arise.
We here in Philadelphia, have though we thought were walking away from, over-crowding when charter schools were implemented.  What the closure of schools will produce is a warhouse affect much like if you invision in history a slaveship, with children being stacked and shiped to other neighborhoods, to face what ever dangers lay and wait for them in other area's of the city.  We understand that when our government officials Legislative assembly  pushed for charter schools, they should have known or through critical thinking forseen that this would push Public schools out of the vision.  This is a prime example of our governing officials we vote into office, in turn sticking us up for a vote and kicking us in the behind. 
To all the preson's involved I demand that your figure out another solution quickly or the Governer the Philadelphia Mayor, the Philadelphia school Superintendent and his entourage follow each other out of the city of brotherly love.
The failure of our school district, looks at philadelphia schools have never place well compared with other schools around the country.
We must begin by asking questions:Why do schools with stronger programs use less money.
We have just heard that condoms will be distributed in the public schools, this idea was on the table for an estimated 10 plus years.  Does it really take that long to address a problem here in Philadelphia, is it because of the numbers among the youth for HIV/AIDS and STI's.  Because Philadelphia, and the state of Pennsylvania both hold the ranking as number 7 in reported AIDS cases.
We can't blame the children but, we should hold every political figure accountable, for the education of our children> about a failed school system, neglected and abused mentally because the kids I met like their teachers and their school.
I really think that the school District should reconsider the effects that the move would have on the child.
The city is building a ice skating rink that will change the outlook on the westside of Philadelphia city hall, You know your priorities need to be re-arranged when you place the profit over the education of the kids, well-being and our future.
Understand that Arlene Ackerman took the district under, the administration before that took the district, I say stop hiring these HACKS from out of town who's only interest is being in charge because of the money.
I sure hope ego does not get in the way because someone has been and done something in another state and school.  Judge each project as it is not some textbook theory of what should be done, these are human lives.
I remember being in school as a youth, the teachers went on strike, they picketed for months, in the end the kids had to make that lost time up.  I never looked at school in the same way since, I dropped out in 9th grade.  Give these kids a fare chance at education, if not close down, and parents look into other options because if someone does not want to service me, chances are the service will not be class A.  I think the whole city Government needs an overhaul, because of this Look at the mismanagement Philadelphia.  come out speakout because even if you don't have children their is a direct affect and indirect, when youth have no where to go,interest in the wrong area's it leave the opportunity to be influenced by the wrong people.  Is that why in Penn -cell- vania they have been constructing Prisons, because business is now open?

Power In Direct Action

Direct action-that is any kind of action that bypassed or directly exposes  Mis-interest, over steps the established political channels to accomplish objectives directly.

There are some who say that direct action is not,an act of terrorism.
Direct action is political expression,but not criminal activity unfortunately , whether or not an action is illegal is a poor measure of whether  or not it is just.
The Jim Crow laws were, after all laws: 
Jim Crow laws were basically everyday laws people lived by.  It was racial segregation towards any people of color.  They separated blacks and whites in schools, buses, bathrooms and work>etc.
The object to an action on the grounds that it is illegal, it sidesteps the more important question of whether or not it is ethical.
To argue that we must always obey laws even when we consider them to be ethical or to enforce unethical conditions, is to suggest the arbitrary pronouncements of the legal establishment.
As a great many feel direct action is unnecessary where people have freedom of speech rights.
In society dominated by and increasingly, narrowly focused corporate media, it can be almost impossible to initiate a public dialogue on a subject unless something occurs that brings attention to it.
Under such conditions direct action can be a means of nurturing free speech, not squelching it.
Likewise, when people who would otherwise oppose and injustice have accepted that it is inevitable, it is not enough simply to talk about it, one must demonstrate that it is possible to do something about it.
One of the biggest myths about direct action is that those who participate are cowardly.
This accusation is almost always made by  those who have the privilege of speaking and acting in public without fearing repercussions: that is to say, those who have power in this society, and those who obediently accept their power.
Should actions like the Boston Tea Party,the French Resistance, The Poor people's campaign and the direct actions of AIDS activist up against those powers, we would not know that things could change?  That is the power of Direct Action.
We would not have a great many benefits without those pioneers,who with sacrifice and service have shown how to force the hands of the said to be critical thinkers in our government.
Direct action is dangerous and can have a negative repercussions for others, direct action can be dangerous in a repressive political climate, and it is important that those who practice it make every effort not to endanger others.
When we in AIDS activism put on an action, it is never in our intentions to incite a riot, injure, or destroy property, through our chants,theater, the amount of protesters, in itself should make a statement of disapproval, I always say when large amounts of people assemble peacefully, something is definitely wrong.
Something is wrong when we see a world in protest, something is wrong when two political parties can't come to the table in area's of our Health and welfare, they are voted into their seats as critical thinkers with our best interest in mind, not for being selfish pushing their own agenda.

Prevention is a top priority

Recently I was reading some print, a question was asked?
Why haven't Prevention efforts kept pace with the advancements in life saving medicines?

And the answer to this question made a lot of sence.  No one makes money on prevention.  When we talk about prevention it involves talking about things that a lot of people don't want to talk about.
You have to talk about safe sex or safer sex options.
You have to talk about what happens in prisons?
You have to talk about young kids,adolescent, sex education,there are a lot of things that people just would rather not address.
So though no one makes money speaking on prevention,teaching prevention sharing in forums,why when there is this great need for us to step up our game and, it can't wait any longer.
Ask ourselves as a human society how much does it cost us later( no time span)
We must be unafraid to open a dialogue in our homes, schools, churches and social groups,on issues connective to HIV/AIDS and STI's.
We may have to explore and findout that certain political minds or thinking through reactionary politics got us in this state of emergency.
As an activist I call to present political minds to make the difference and save the world.
When we look at the timeline of HIV/AIDS, we have dragged our feet, we have looked the other way>we have said it's not me or no one that I know  even they got what they diserved for their behavior.
The most untalked about thing about life is, choices.
Only the Human species has the gift to matriculate,translate, iniciate a thought process of reasoning where we make choices.
After we have made those choices no matter how good or bad, we must live with the out come.
In the choice of using prevention tools and methods, in some causes it was vital to our well-being to be knowledgable on the immediate dangers or full long range dangers of contracting a disease that can change an infected persons whole life.
A disease that as I myself being HIV+ found and watched through the loss of a loved one.  It touches every dimension of well-being that humans deal with everyday.
Mental> Physical>Spiritual>Relationship and Environment and more etc.
So in a great many ways when it comes to some topics that society does not want to address, it sets us backwards in time, it leaves us or our children and future unarmed to survive.
We are undicided for years on issues of sex education for our youth.
In the same time span of evolution of diseases and pedofilia we seem to have watched like a spectator a disease go from epidemic to pandemic.  Administration after administration as the stats and figures have crossed the desk of five Presidents and administrations.  In some cases an administration may not have a choice because the activist groups like Act Up were storming governments buildings chaining themselves together in the middle of a buzy street.  All because this is what has to be done as artistically as we can expose the neglect of the people in need.  The people must band together and show up in large masses to show their disapproval on the direction of the United States.
Some times I feel sorry for President Obama because he tries and he knows he won't be able to satisfy everyone he can't, tapdance that well to please everyone.  He can't be every where but he and others in government must fairly weigh out for the benefit of America and it's people.  How to keep us safe, how we should remain secure> how we are to be able to work> how we should have a right to have safety nets as in welfare, food stamps, and Cash assistance.  Subsidized housing social security is as important as Homeland security.  Affordable Health Care because the illnesses that we are stricken with, come from a neglect or an abuse or misleading tactic of reactionary politics which takes our rights to life away.
Prevention is needed but sane thought is very improtant. 
Example In the city that I live in after oh 15years or more ActUp Philadelphia has been protesting for condoms in the schools, the pilite programs HRC's Health Resource ctrs and even the thought of condom dispensers was said to promote sex?  Well now 2012 they finnally announced Philadelphia schools will have condoms.  :(
Well someone finnally looked at the numbers, or on the way to work looked at a pregnant young girl or the issue hit home.  Everytime I see a young girl pregnant, I say in my mind that she did not use a condom.  You see a condom is not the responsibility of just the male, the female has a choice in the the matter also there are reality condoms named for the reality is we must use our safer sex options because there is no such thing really, as safe sex.
I push for Direct funding to go into a program of Peer education because two things happen the instant a peer educator stands before a room full of people, the seed is planted and stigma takes a beat down.  Now one the speaker's testimony or story telling of their experience reaches the next set of ears, more things happen, when the speaker makes a connection the years of myth and misinformation begin to erode right before your eyes.
So I kind of have a problem about people knowing what it takes to get to Zero without inclusion of the powerful tool of peer education because it puts a face to the virus, it also spreads empathy which is part of everyone's character, we all posses it but, so few of us use.  This is a call to produce a prevention force of Peer educators, this is how you get to Zero.

The Body is the Garden of Eden

The factors that go to make up consciousness
This required discrimination, Judgment, and self analysis
We talk glibly about God as life, love, intelligence and substance,and about man as His manifestation, but when we come to describe that manifestation we "lump it off" as the product of thought.
What we now need to know is how thought groups the different attributes of Being, for on this combination depends the bringing forth of the ideal man.
     We must learn to watch our consciousness, its impulses and desires, as the chemist watches his solutions.  Man forms his own consciousness from the elements of God and he alone is responsible for the results.
Consciousness is a deep subject, and to go into it exhaustively would require the writing of many books.  Concisely stated, three great factors enter into every consciousness- intelligence, life substance.
The harmonious combination of these factors requires the most careful attention of the ego, because it is here that all the discords of existence arise.
In scripture the divine life combined with divine substance is termed "the Lamb of  God."  This phrase carries the symbology of the Lamb's purity, innocence, and guilessness.  Its nature is to vivify with peretual life all things that it touches.  It knows only to give, give unceasingly and eternally, without restraint.  It does carry wisdom; that is another quallity of Being, which man comprehends from a different part of his consciousness.
The pure life of God  flows into man's consciousness through the spiritual body, and is sensed by the Physical at a point in the loins.  This is the  "river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb,"  referred to in the 22d chapter of Revelation.
      Only those who have come into consciousness of the spiritual body can feel this holy stream of life.
When the ego has found it , and laved in its cleansing currents, the ecstasy of Elysian realms is experienced.
It cannot be described, because all the sensations of the mortal consciousness are coarse, compared with its transcendent sweetness and purity.
Many feel its thrills in part in silent meditation or in religious enthusiasm, and are temporarily stimulated by its exquisite vibrations.  Just here is where the danger lies for those who have not brought out the other pole of Being==intelligence.
The ego through, its recognistion of this life stream, sets it flowing to every faculty.  Being by nature formless, the life stream takes the mold and character of that into which it is poured.  It is the servant of the ego, the I , which man is, and through his failure to recognize the divine intellegence, which should show him how to use it in the right way, he blunders ahead in his ignorance, and the Lamb of God is slain from the fkoundation of the world.
      The greatest danger of perversion lies in the direction of the carnal thought of sex, because it is there that this pure stream has been most foully polluted by ignorance.  Sex sensation has made a broke cistern of man's  consciousness; for generations the life stream has been turned into this receptacle, and lust has robbed the bodies of the whole race, making them mere shells, void of life.  The fail-ing eyes, the deaf ear, the festering of withering flessh, all bear testimonly to this perversion of God's life .
Yet men and women otherwise applying good reason, continue their lustful practices and at the  same time wonder why god does not give them more life.
They run here and there, seeking a restoring elixir for their failing powers;  Then call on God for help, while they continue to squander  His energy in lusts.


                                  And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden
                                                                 >Genesis 3:8 NASB

Sleeping in was not a common occurence for Patti growing up on a farm, not even during summer vacation from school.  But Patti's mother allowed her children to sleep in once in a great while on those rare occasions, Patti awakend  gently to the smells and sounds of her mother lovingly preparing a delicious family breakfast.  The aroma of sizzling bacon frying wafted through the house.  Pots and pans clattered. fresh biscuits baking in the oven provided gentle nudges to help the children shake off their slumber.
One summer morning, the house was still, Patti's brothers and sisters were sound asleep, and the kitchen was void of the usual sights and sounds and smells of meal preparation.  Patti noticed that the back door was open, and she slowly eased her way out to the back porch.  There she caught a glimpse of her mother weeding the garden, humming all the while. 
The peaceful scene wrapped itself around Patti like a cozy blanket as she watched her mother walking in the garden.
                                                        Adam and Eve lived in the only perfect garden.
They could commune with nature freely, and they heard His sounds as He walked in the garden toward them.
In her spirit, Patti's mother must have known the sweetness of God's presence as she walked in her garden early in the morning.  Before the demands of her day busied her hands and her mind, she wisely chose the morning quiet for a peaceful walk with God in the garden

Todays America

Todays's America has been headed into poverty since 9/11 or after.
The old way of starting a war, to get the economy going does'nt work because America does not make anything in the United States.
Our government officials don't want to listen, they stand divided on how to rebuild this country while faced with a myraid of epidemics and issues.
I stand to loose my housing coming from homelessness (shelters, cafe's and living on the streets in parks)
My name is cliff I am HIV+, widower with PTSD, Depression, Prostate problems>Neuropathy, Irritable bowel syndrone> nerve damage to a perineal nerve in my leg and foot, I have limited movement in my foot and toes. 
High blood pressure a history of Hymroids and blood clots.
In 2007 I caught scarlet fever in the Philadelphia shelter system from another resident> in that episode dealing with the shelters mis-management or non-management of the issues of a person stricken with HIV.    I stayed in the hospital a little under a month.  In 2008- while living in the shelter, my wife in one, myself in another still fight for ssi &ssd trying to advocate and care for my wife Gwen who has now since passed from lung cancer HIV/AIDS and AIDS related illness in Feb-2009.

I live in the state of Pennsylvania, a state that has cut off General assistance cash benifits, even during my being in appeal for disability ssi & ssd benifits at the stroke of a pen Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has attempted my murder by the cutting off of the safety net access to programs that supported me.

The General assistance cash provided money for electricity and such utilities, personal items shoes> socks> pants shirts> under wear> soap> deodorent and any other things that you can't buy with food stamps.
They are preparing a new day slave industry in> PENN-CELL-VANIA
The Prison industrial complex
The Prison industry wich recieves possible funding from corporations like Wells Fargo, and Comcast cable there maybe others.
These are like those corporate giants that the American people have bailed out we are ushering in a new kind of economy horse or vehicle which will provide housing and work, while the destruction of the family unit begins.
It will produce and angry population more death and disease.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a city and a state wich both hold the number 7 slot in the top ten for reported AIDS cases so when we look at the present states of a problem realize the area's of causation lie because our governments don't work together for the benifit of its people.
Pennsylvania, by cutting general assistance cash has activated a time bomb of sorts which will exsplode several times-until a state and its people are destroyed.
Federal government needs to antisipate the chaos that Homeland security should foresee.
Speaking on Pennsylvania, Philadelphia these area governments need to see crimes going up infections rates on HIV/AIDS and STI's violent crimes such as robery's, home invasions are on the rise because of the cuts to cash assistance,creating and environment of desporation.
Often life has to remain in a careful balance>you have just upset that balance.
Housing is Prevention Health Care and Supports Well-being
In order to repair American we must talk america,because Silence=Death.
We must be unafraid to open a dialogue in our homes, schools,churches and social groups on Issues of HIV/AIDS and STI's.  

The Whole World Talks about getting to zero

The tragic 31 year arc of the HIV/AIDS virus,which left an estimated 30 million people dead,another number of persons equal to that struggling to live.  Either actively being treated for the virus with ARV's or unknowing of their  positive status.  A vast number of orphans left to negotiate life on life's terms.

How can we end HIV/AIDS if we as a world community can't step out of the dark shadows of the myths and misinformation that same shadow of silence allows stigma to lay cool, staying out of the light of truth, on what it will truly take to END HIV/AIDS.
It has been said that even still in the progress of 31 years.  I would still say we are out  paced by upwards of some 7,000 new infections per day, stepping forward out to peep into the world with it's ugly face connective illnesses that surround HIV.

Despite past achievements we have to admit that world wide prevalence rates,rates of new infections are unacceptable because both the visible barriers and invisible barriers to access preventive programs funding streams, testing and counselling.
Instead we witness how our governments belly ache over the cost to maintain lives vs finding a cure.
The advances we have are all at the expense of lives lost, before we have learned what we now know about HIV/AIDS.
One of the most painful truths that was taught to me by the death of my wife Gwendolyn Jones-Williams on Feb 25, 2009. 
(In order for us to live some of us must die) 
when I visited her for the very last time, kissed her for the last time.
The spiritual feeling or message given in letting go still stands as a painful lesson in helplessness because at the power of my touch, I had none.  I could not reverse any of the sickness of her illness.
There sitting by the window in her room, I began to pray to King Jesus for my wife to stay with me.
It was a selfish prayer to ask of the lord to keep my wife alive though she was in pain,her condition was now she could only lay in the bed unable to speak to me as only a week before we were able to have conversation.
I turned the lights down low,putting on the gospel music.  A Hymn  play its message to me,the song was: (It Is Well With My Soul.)  There were to figures or shadows standing in the corners of the room.  I continued to  pray.  Now all this now is hynsight of the final moments with my wife gwen I sat praying how everything was going to  workout.
It had gotten late so I was getting ready to leave her for the night, my thoughts that I would come by an see her tomarrow, as I walked down the street beside the hospice something told me to turn around looking upwards into the sky, a shiver as if something had just passed through my body.
So in order to get to zero it will take the impaired to educate the unimpaired community>this promotes testing.


A Lone Activist Survives an Urban Shelter System>As told to Suzy Subways

An HIV positive homeless activist talks about life inside city shelters, being kicked out of one for his activism, and delaying HIV treament because he's homeless.

The shelters are like a warehouse for men.  Guys who to work have to fill out a "late return."  And you can fill out the paperwork, but if the person on duty doesn't put it in the proper place, you lose your bed.  While I was living in another shelter, I finished and HIV treatment education class at a local AIDS service organization and completed a building maintenance class, but it was very hard for me- that and keeping my doctor's appointment, because I'm HIV positive.

The people who work at the shelters put everbody in a classification that comes from Narcotics Anonymous-that you can't manage your life so somebody has to do it for you.  "You're here, so you must have a problem.  We're gonna strip you down and build you back up, and we 're gonna make you the man that you couldn't be.  "They treat you like you're on drugs, even if the problem is just that you're having trouble with your wife, and you have a home,if you could just patch things up.  People might have mental health problems,you might have HIV, or have had a disaster, like a fire.  But I'm 45 years old - you can't strip me.

I thinks people who work in this capacity need to listen.  I would let people express themselves, and I think I would get a better response.  Rather than "shut up, let me tell you what I want you to do.  "They provoke people.  A guy could come there and be at his exceeding limits, and they're not trained to notice anything like that.  Something could trigger him,and he goes into a rage.  I''ve seen suicides in the shelters.

Getting Kicked Out for Activism
They want to manage your money.  You use the shelter's address, and you can get your welfare benefits.  You pay shelter fees, and then you put most of the rest of the money into a savings plan.  A few months ago, I needed carfare to go be with my wife, but they said I had to pay those shelter fees or they were going to kick me out.  My wife has cancer.  I felt that saving money would mean nothing if my wife was to pass away.

I had to involve some higher-ups,so I talked to a gentleman at my city coucilperson's office.  After that, it seemed like I was on a blacklist.  Two people (staff) the next day were badgering me.  They come around in the mornings and say, "get out of bed."  I was getting dressed, and one woman said,  "I better not say nothing to him, because he's going to tell the politicians on me."  I didn't say anything back.

The day I had a colonoscopy,  I went back to the shelter and they had cut my locks, packed up everything and had it in a big tub, and said,  "You're out of here. "  A person comes into the shelter with all they may own, their worldly possessions.  And I said,  "Look,  I've got this note from my doctor, I need rest," but they kicked me out.  I had to lift my belongings.  They said, "We feel that you'd be better suited somewhre else.  "the present place I'm at,  It's cold as ice.  It's a gymnasium.  This is just for the winter initiative-  It's going to dissolve at the end of the month.

Living with HIV in the Shelters
I'm putting off going on HIV medication because I'm in a shelter.  At this point, my CD4 count is getting pretty low.
Every month, my care providers says, You're going to have to go on it either way, but I think we could hold off."  The problem is, if I started a regimen and wasn't consistent with taking it, I'd have to start on something else.  I was repremanded for keeping my depression medication in my locker.  They hold your medications.  One time, I said  "Miss, I really need my medication. "  She got on the phone, and it seemed like a personal phone call.  Then she says,  "Okay, okay, in a minute.  I forgot about you, wait til I come back.  So I went out the door, because I had to make and appointment.  Had I been on HIV meds,  I probably would have blown my regimen.  See,that would aide in you forgetting to take your medicine at all.

Some times my medication has been stolen, and we would suspect by the staff, because they had access to it .  Most of the staff are ex-addicts.  They forget where they come from and return back to where they were, in their state of mind.  I was told that certain meds go for $5per pill.  One time, at another shelter, I came down with scarlet fever and went to the hospital.  When I got back, I never got my medication back.  It was like the second or third time, and the Medicaid HMO wouldn't replace it.  Had I been on HIV meds, that would have messed me up.  It's not made for a person who has to adhere to taking their meds on the regular.
There's so much unprofessionalism.  It's a shame.  I'm trying to protect my anonymity, because nothing's confidential in the shelter.  People sometimes are caring, but you've got some people that are just plain old mean.  If their way to hurt somebody is to let their business out, then they'll do that.  That could crush somebody.  These people that work there, they gossip.  And you could be sitting right there and overhear what they say about people.  When you take your meds, the way it's supposed to be, is that only one person is allowed in the room, so nobody knows what you're taking, but it's not like that.  People are standing right there.  I don't even think they go by HIPPAA (patient confidentiality) laws.

They didn't try to gear me to any programs for people living with HIV.  As a matter of fact, I took one of the HIV resource guides to my case manager, but I just got the feeling that she took it and put it under somewhere.  After that, I felt like the other case managers knew my status.

There was a guy - I haven't seen him - I think he passed, just maybe a few weeks ago.  His name was Jerome, and I think the guys looked out for him pretty good.  That really hit me close to the heart, because I'm HIV  positive, and I would guess that he was at a really bad stage of the AIDS.  A shelter like that is no place for a person like that.  He was so frail you had to help him get dressed.  I dream about the magnitude of this thing, and it gets me really choked up that people have to suffer like that.

Solidarity and Organizing Among Homeless People
People become homeless, and at that time, the barriers drop and we come together and help each other.  It's amazing.  You really need a belt, and a guy takes the belt off his waist if you've got an interview or something.  It's not the shelter giving you clothes-  it's other guys giving you clothes.  It feels good when guys in the shelter say,  How's your wife doing?  Is she getting around alright?"  These are guys that , if you looked at them, you'd never think they had it in them like that- big, tough guys. You're still alive.

Most of the shelters, they're going to be making them leave soon, because they're in a family section and nobody wants to see homeless people.  This is the next thing that's coming up.  They're refurbishing and old hotel to make condominiums around the corner from one of them, so that shelter's not going to be there in a couple of years.

During the mayoral election, I went out with a local advocacy group and got peple to vote.  We had a homeless rally at City Hall, got the cadidates to come out, and shot some questions at them.  The only idea they had was transitional housing.  If it's privately run, that's like a slumlord.  Your're going from living with a bunch of men to living with fewer men.  If you had your own little room, in a sense you'd have your self again.  In order for people to take care of themselves mentally and physically,be nourished, take their medicine, you name it, every person should have a home.  That's just one of your rights.
I've got to be with my wife.  I want to have my granddaughters over and play with them on the floor.  Without all that, I'm like this fourth class citizen.  I have no sense of belonging, in a place that gets paid for me to sign my name, but I can't stand in front of the building.   They say, "Go walk down the street."  Well all of us stay here.  But it's like I'm some kind of protester when I open my mouth.  Because I knew enough to go and see somebody, they were like, " Oh, we don't want him, because if what he's got is catching, we'll be in real trouble. " But that's what they need.  You can't be a lone activist and have some punch.

National HIV/AIDS strategy, will it be good for people infected or not?

I would like to hear some views on the National HIV/AIDS strategy, do persons with the virus feel it will be good or bad for person's with the virus?

I have attended a town hall meeting in Philadelphia, I see the focus so trained on HIV/AIDS testing and counciling, but not attention on Peer education, I do Peer education, I do a presentation called with or without a condom, speaking in terms of STI's (sexually transmitted infections)  Such as Herpes, Syphilis, and HPV(Human Papuloma Virus)
There is a strong possibility that if a person is co-infected with an STI, HIV can be transmitted via anyone of these STI's.  So lets not just put HIV and AIDS in the cross-hairs include STI's.  I would like to see housing added as part of the prevention strategy.

Homelessness: An estimated 250,000 to upwards 3 million Americans are homeless.
There also has been increasing recognition that the threat of HIV infection is disproportionately  high among homeless adults and adolescents and that the homeless poplulation is extremely vulnerable to HIV infection.  (as confirmed by recent HIV studies)> Torres,Mani Altholz, Brickner (1990)
Inner-city neighborhoods, which have high rates of drug use and greater prevalence of sexually transmitted infections(STI's.)  Where HIV infections is becoming more common.

Homeless people are likely to have unstable and transient social and sexual relationships.
There have been more noted, patterns of "survival sex" having sex in exchange for money,drugs or a place to stay.  (common among chronically homeless adolescents and adults)>Rotheram- Borus & Kooperman,1991.
We must exspand our thoughts to accept and understand the many risk patterns because different risk patterns are likely to call for different HIV prevention approaches.

Psychological factors- are predictive of HIV risk behaviors in other AIDS-valnerable populations, including gay men,IDU abusers and also partners who engage in outside sexual activities or unprotected sex for drugs.
The longer a person is homeles, the more likely he or she is to experience poor health and be placed at a higher risk catagory for STI's or premature death respectivly speaking about people with a compromised immune system.
This reason interventions early in one's situation of homelessness is a very important strategy.
In closing I will add this, true compassion is more than flinging a coin to a person in need.  it comes to see that an edifice which produces people who need, must be restructured.  

World AIDS Day 2012 in the war to end AIDS standing in the trenches.

We have seen HIV/AIDS go from epidemic to Pandemic,It was once labeled as a Gay white males disease, a disease in the span of time called by many names.  A disease that touches every dimension of the infected person's and the unimpaired's  well-being as well.  HIV/AIDS the learning experience, the virus has been a destroyer of lives and families,the widow, widower and orphan  maker.  This virus has made one live a life of denial of fear and shame, early in the epidemic folks ran up their credit bills because doctors said that they would not live more than seven years.
The advances in medical technology in medication has come to an age that we are on the cusp of a cure, I think it's time for the world to ask itself how badley do we want a cure.  When we see how this disease has touched every corner of the world except those denialist who have a different idea on AIDS and HIV those minds that believe that it could not happen to them, I was that person who thought it would never be me.  I was that person who married into HIV but, it was a small price to pay for the woman I loved.  I don't think I would have done it any differnently,because somewhere it was written already.  I remember finding out my positive status on my birthday in 2003, I remember how I lost my voice,up until I cleared my throat as I recieved the news. 
Its funny we never know what our exeeding limits are until we reach that limit.  I walked down the streets of Philadelphia in a daze,because the reality is so much different than if it happens to someone else.  I believed it would not  happen to me, I too was a victom of misinformation and myth that gave birth to stigma> that if I was not gay, I did not have to worry.                                                                                                                                                                             
I knew what a condom was, I knew about other STI's, I too carried that misinformation that a person infected had to look a certain way, skinny, drawn up so badley.  World AIDS day to me is everyday,it is a day for me to Remember my wife who has now since passed Gwendolyn  Jones- Williams,it is a day of which I know and understand that I must be thankful to the Pioneers who stood and faught with sacrifice and service fighting for my rights of which as a mentor of mines once said "Your rights have not even been written yet,because you have not been there to fight for them, to even let the law makers know it mattered to you or you even wanted them.  (John Bell) Activist/AIDS educator, (died) 2012.
So that was how when I came through the doors of Philadelphia fight being welcomed by people just like myself, the list is long of person's who have passed AIDed by the virus and some opportunistic infection or comorbidies.
History will one day ask this question on HIV/AIDS, "have we done all that we could have to end AIDS"? 
So becoming educated about a virus that was a life changing for me, a disease that impacted the world just by the lack of information people had,which vented in fear and anger.
This is why I joined the AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power  (Act Up Philadelphia) after being educated, and empowered to fight for my rights to safe and secure housing, for SSI and SSD benifits on why the law makeres need to educate themselves or just even have a sit down with persons infected,children affected by HIV/AIDS.
As a father and grandfather my HIV+ status rippled through my whole family so its never just about being directly infected by HIV because there are indirect affects of stigma both inward and outward for me and my family as well.
I would like for the National AIDS Strategy to move closer to a completeness in adding a direct funding source for peer education, peer education bridges those gaps that counciling and testing can't reach,if you really want to know how you get to zero peer education is the rocket ship that will take us there.
Let me tell you on a level of when I was newly diagnosed, the only person that was able to reach through and cut through the barriers, I had put up in protecting myself.  It was a person just like me, a person infected with the virus.  I had heard them speak and it broke down the wall I guess planting a tree of life, that still grows with an empathy rich soil,never letting me forget where I came from
Now as for peer education done by a person infected speaking to an audience of unimpaired individuals sharing their story could allow a person to see how they have put themselves at risk.  We must be unafraid to open a dialogue in our Homes, Schools,Churches and Social groups.  World AIDS DAY is about the sacrifice and service, about in order for me to live,someone had to die.  So again I am truly grateful to the pioneers in the spirit of activism, they are the ones that made it possible for treatment, the price of AIDS drugs, housing and AIDS education etc.  So in handing me the torch to go on, only adding a new style of direct action using the internet as my talking drum reaching out to the impaired and unimpaired those who fight directly in the trenches miles apart but shoulder to shoulder, and the indirect soldgier fighting that same war from a different vantage point, cause the future depends upon our collective efforts to END AIDS NOW.

Can an event in history happen in Repetition?

                                                                   The Parable of the Ten Minas

While they were listening to this, he went on to tell them a parable because he was near Jerusalem and the people thought that the Kingdom of God was going to appear at once.  He said:  "A man of noble birth went to a distant country to have himself  appointed king and then to return.  So he called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas.  Put this money to work, he said, until I come back.

But his subjects hated him and sent a delegation after him to say, 'We don't want this man to be our king.'
He was made king,how ever and returned home.  Then he sent for the servants to Whom he had given the money, in order to find out what they gained with it.
The first one came and said Sir Your minas has earned ten more.'
"Well done, my good servant!'  his master replied.  Because you have been trust-worthy in a small matter, take charge of ten cities.'

The Second came and said, "Sir, your mina has earned five more.'
His master answered, You take charge of five cities.'
Then another servant came and said, Sir, here is your mina; I have kept it laid away in a piece of cloth.  I was afraid of you, because you are a hard man.  You take out what you did not put in and reap what you did not sow.'
"His master replied I will judge you by your own words, you wicked servant!  You knew did you, that I am a hard man, taking out what I did not put in and reaping what I did not sow?
Why then didn't you put my money in deposit, so that when I came back, I could have collected it with interest?
Then he said to those standing by, Take his mina away from him and give it to the one who has ten minas.'
Sir they said he already has ten!

He replied, I tell you that to everyone who has , more will be given,but as for the one who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away.  But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them- bring them here and kill them in front of me.

Has History repeated itself in any way shape or form, if you compare this parable to today's Cutting of welfare cash assistance in the State of Pennsylvania on August 1st 2012 the Governor Tom Corbitt cut cash for 61,000 folks in the state of Pennsylvania.  This move done with the stroke of a pen, is no different then the sword that kills the Kings enemies, in the parable.
People with HIV/AIDS who stand in appeal, that were to recieve cash, until their cases were settled.  Those folks were cut.  Other programs for recovery houses, abused females,single males,though doctors sign a form,stating that a recipient was unable to work for less than 12 months or a year.
I see a state growing an environment of desperation, a state ranked #7 in both city and state for having high numbers in reported AIDS cases.  I see numbers getting even higher, because people do what has to be done to survive.  I see this move shooting any efforts in the foot of Present president Obama in producing obama-care.
I ask the readers how are person's to pay their co-pay for medications, or even a utility bill or rent. How does a person by shoes, cosmetics,soap or other items that can only be bought with cash.
I know for self I sufffer from the virus,PTSD, major depression and neuropathy in the hands and feet.
I take a great many medications that cause drownsyness so for me to go back to work, would only be setting me up to fail.  I was told that the state of Penn-cell-vania was using the money that would have been given through General assistance to build more prisons in the commonwealth state.  Those cuts may produce a larger homeless population look to see, homeless laws past soon.  Laws that make it illegal to be homeless on the streets.
People our silence is equal to death.

Willie Lych>Sydrome

Willie Lynch was a british slave Owner in the West Indies.  He was Invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there.  The term "Lynching" is derived from his last name.
In Willie Lynche's words of the day in 1712 he would explain many ways in keeping control of your slaves.  At that time willie assured the captor's of slaves in Virginia, as well as a con-artist could talk a hungry cat off a fish cart.  He talked about a full proof method of controlling their black slaves for adleast 300years, his theory was outlined on many different aspects in the usage of fear,distrust and envy for control purposes.
He spoke of cross-breeding to produce a variety of different slaves to do different jobs they were toaught to respond to  peculiar languages and sounds, he inured their minds and bodies in lasting and hurful ways.
Time elapsed it would really destroy the structure of African families.
Lynch patterned a system of separation and containment.
Using Physical beating to instill fear, putting woman against men changing the role of the black male in the family structure over many years it separates, it erodes the black family structure and exstended family's power in our relationship with one another.

Every institution that African Americans are connected to directly or indirectly have and obligation to counter acting the damage done.
People of all ages, both males and females, experience critical deficits in what lacks, in the health and well-being of the American population. 
It is very much visible that African American are more likely than whites to be born in poverty to live in substandard housing> to have experienced unemployment> drop-out of school> incarceration> become parents in between the age bracket of 17 and 24.
Substance abuse , delinquency and cross-generational incarceration, no matter self inflicted or system administered the effects over time have impacted male female and family contruction.  Weather we even care to recoginze the cause, resopnse, effect and nature of abuse exploitation and oppression applied in many different variations by degrees, just to one race of people more than another.

Is this an un-realistic view of the connection to the history of this world?
Now when we realistically research a man like Willie Lynch>We find that there was none, a great many things don't add up about Willie Lynch,in the research that I have done so far the man may not even exist this points to a sad sick society of the person who made this character up what was his gane to keep separtation in the races alive?

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Exposure to the son prevents Burning, posted February 20th, 2012
The Celebrity Garden, posted February 18th, 2012
Growing In Wisdom, posted February 18th, 2012
BLACK HISTORY, posted February 9th, 2012, 2 comments
HIV/AIDS A MESSAGE FROM THE IMPAIRED TO THE UNIMPAIRED, posted January 28th, 2012, 1 comment
OCCUPY THE DREAM, posted January 15th, 2012
Venting to heal the broken heart., posted December 29th, 2011, 1 comment
The Prodigal Son, posted December 11th, 2011
Homelessness and HIV/AIDS, posted December 8th, 2011
Drawing in the sands of time, posted December 2nd, 2011
The Evolution Of Captivity, posted November 27th, 2011
Resources>Jesus Feeds 5,000 People, posted October 15th, 2011
Love Departs, posted October 14th, 2011, 2 comments
The drama continues, posted October 11th, 2011
Listening and Doing, posted October 9th, 2011
The Whole World is Lost, posted October 7th, 2011
The Spirit Of Activism #2010, posted September 22nd, 2011
The Flip side of sin, posted September 4th, 2011
Why I still fight>Taken from a pioneer in Activism Vito Russo (by cliffwms44), posted August 12th, 2011
What is LGV-Lymphogranuloma, posted July 28th, 2011
HIV IS EXCEPTIONAL, posted July 12th, 2011
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